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manifold mantisfold bowing head in pra(e)yer dining on our mind treat-tasties like toffee bites and peppermint schnapps on Christ-mass morn

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Sometimes I look behind the vinyl chairs before I sit down not trusting that something might not be there like treasure chests filled with apathy or cooki... Read More

Privacy: The New Cuckold

In the one pale beam cast across cracked and lonely planks, still tender from the touch of quiet carpentry the (e)motes float and cavort One blink and not... Read More


Boiling, bubbling Silken strands burst forth from the calm and steady surface They reach out to embrace the minds that cannot free themselves in the mirro... Read More

The Grove

Slender trunks, pure white, shimmer and gleam
ivory towers hold the sky aloft
swirling motes shining bright
as tunnel vision locks and e... Read More

For the One I Adore

A light illuminating dances
a spark falling touching upturned face
brightening where once none was found
in darkness peril upheaval canc... Read More


Air surrounding me leeches away the words
that should be whispered close on winter
nights such as these –
is it ever as difficult as it ... Read More