Tiny pyramids cover the dream chart I have graphed
with information flowing and bouncing
full of self-fulfilling spiral madness

and manic spitfire binary tappings
out a cacophonous tympani
ancient drums
relaying the multilayered filaments
with photon flashing
, reflected in your eyes
I see the in.sight that comes from somewhere
in this whirling maw of nodes and numbers
far-flung in six holographic dimensions –
a certain upgrade from the sparkled glasses of old
that only let us see blank canvases half-cocked

and crammed with scrolling messages impending

Reach through the fired sand turned mirror and
sprinkle your own shining glyph onto the glowing mandala
tossing seeds of crystal walls into the face of
cloaked eraserheads
forcing dissolution of walled spendor into
novae and opened plane outreaching
off into the distant stars`