The Grove

Slender trunks, pure white, shimmer and gleam
ivory towers hold the sky aloft
swirling motes shining bright
as tunnel vision locks and entwines under verdant canopy
Flush with light – shining from every pore
we inhale the fresh smell of crushed grass
and gently trace the curve of warmth
as smooth rocks in the sun, electric and thorough
in their magnificence

Twin serpents vibrant
blinding at their base to form
helix treasure from sky of old
to bond to fuse to bite to burn
So now, to sheath this holy Word
as we move and vibrate swift
in the quiet comfort of a world
between sheets and sky

Goddess; to rain splendor down
upon my brow, and sweep eyeless medicine
a(n)side the cube fast spinning
quarter to zero to one and none
else to see this unbroken wonder