I fear that the only way to be saved is the total destruction of my reality matrix.  My reality will become a toy – and my mind a tool…to explore this playground and fuck everything up.

Shaman. Human. Immortal. Vessel. Angel.

Siva. Destruction for creation. Disintegration to love.

Basically, I want to take my brain and beat it to shit. These circuits restricting me must be destroyed and rebuilt with better intentions than those who came before and conquered.

I must stop creating this circuit of selfishness and sloth. The programming has begun. The code strings are now ready to be put into place.

This is debugging mode.

So the perception/opinion must be modified to realize the program and reform the data to useful outlets. I have been reading the manuals, but now it is time to take control.

No excuses.

Weakness of spirit will not be tolerated.

Destroy the flimsy ego so that HGA can rise as the Phoenix. Aether!

The holy goal, the holy light, the holy calling. Divinity! Hurrah!