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Tiny pyramids cover the dream chart I have graphed with information flowing and bouncing full of self-fulfilling spiral madness and manic spitfire binary tappings morsing out a cacophonous tympani ancient drums relaying the multilayered filaments with photon flashing, reflecte...Read more


Air surrounding me leeches away the words that should be whispered close on winter nights such as these – is it ever as difficult as it seems? That these fluttering mouthbites will never make it to the shells that they were meant for but instead shall scoot around in houses to...Read more

Jung on creation and imperfection

There was scarcely any sound save the melancholy cry of a bird of prey. This was the stillness of the eternal beginning, the world as it had always been, in the state of non-being; for until then no one had been present to know that it was this world. I walked away from my ...Read more


I fear that the only way to be saved is the total destruction of my reality matrix.  My reality will become a toy – and my mind a tool…to explore this playground and fuck everything up. Read more


Indra’s net expands outward – constantly pushing the limitations of connection in the universe. The boundaries are infinite, yet elastic. Shining jewels flash light at every point of this net. Every intersection holds the promise of a new universe. Read more


I feel a shell weighing weighting me down, as if a telephone pole flyered over and over – years of sedimentary flesh made of hopes and empty rooms still played to. Read more

To live effectively is to live with adequate information.Norbert Wiener


I feel as if in the “maybe” position. I am not “on” or “off” – the folly Pavlovian mechanism. I am the in-between esisenstate. The fnord, if you will. Read more

Mythic Elements

There is no instance where there is a separation between humans and the systems surrounding it. When you acknowledge that something has a spirit, you acknowledge that it is worth something. Read more