And the Sign shall be a Mark shall be a Word shall be a Whisper

Wooden runes sitting scattered among grass

This story telling me is foReign,
hidden on the stones of our fur-fathers cast to tell our fortune –
only to have the shattered words thrown back

Exploratory emotions push through my skin, root hairs digging deep into the yet-to-be-known with the nourishment being probability of success.

Plant your seeds, log^men,
plan your seeds

agapE, the devourer moves upwards – a twhirling star particles surrounding flays maw from spirit and i am weightless

gravity well performing ultimate justice as this form rotates around its new-found binary forming the system

ethereal vapors pulling all to oNe and a tumultuous joy embraces
This wind I ride upon…it has a secret name that was whispered in my years ago, so softly the clay godsesses spoke this talisMan’s true sign to me
the Æons have taken more than our perception, but also This Name That Shall Not Be Spoken

the naming has begun again
only this star’s path shall mark the sign

and a sign will be wonder


forever is an illusion