Praying mantis sitting on a leaf against a green background

mantisfold bowing head in
dining on our mind treat-tasties like toffee bites and peppermint schnapps on Christ-mass morn

Arboreal insect road-hive-mind
Epoxy melody planting roots in my brain-stem
exploding globule modules of code
executing jumps of time/space/cube

The numbers have changed
the change has shifted hands
Changing method-rhythm to beating tribal drum harmony
blue ceiling crushing down stretched so thin

And we shall all break/brake through womb-state and mother collar to rise to light to path to pose

This braille-rosetta only the numb can follow
gating the sacred garden (by chance, of course)
Not one planned this plane

but all will see it all will slay it
and you shall be it
so, free it

Dark card
pocket skill-game card, darkened
finger painting prose
Dark card